29 Juli 2013

German Open Altes Lager Berlin

Winner of the German Flatlands last week in class 5 was Markus Hanfstängl, a good old friend of mine. He doesn´t fly much anymore, but he is fit as hell and even though he lives and flies in the Bavarian mountains, apparently he enjoys the flatland flying up here in the northeast of Germany as well! He is the guy on the left side of the photo, behind him his biggest competitors for the German Open this week, Tim Grabowski who just won the pre-worlds in Annecy, and Toni Raumauf from Austria.
There are about 30 rigid wing pilots here in Berlin, more than at the pre-worlds! A high class field in this competition, will be an interesting race! Also in flex class, most national team members are here, like Lukas Bader (he is the top local pilot who lives up here), Jörg Bajewski, Andre Djamarani, Christian Zehetmayr, Roland Wöhrle - only Gerd Dönhuber is missing. Some extraordinary XC flatland pilots like Bernd Otterpohl and Wolfgang Aumer are here as well.
With 70 pilots altogether, the comp is filled up. 7 trikes and one Dragonfly will tow us up. But maybe not today - a cold front moves through, it keeps raining, storms are predicted for this afternoon. It is good to have a "slow start", after Ive been on the road for the past three weeks.

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