11 Juli 2013

Day 5: 81km around 4 turnpoints

Despite the clear forecast of overdevelopment, they set a task of 81 km around 4 turnpoints yesterday with goal in Doussard. We went on course and in some places the northerly wind was very strong and turbulence really rough. Towards goal it got darker and darker, and when we turned at the 3rd tp, we already saw some lightenings towards Doussard.
When we arrived at the 4th turnpoint, the task was stopped. About 5 pilots made goal, Tom Weisenberger was fastest, also Wolfi had a really good run. Whatever they were talking about on take off, it worked!
In rigid class, Tim got 2nd of the day and maintains his overall great placement!
In swift class, Steve Cox gained 1000 points as the day winner.

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