24 Juli 2013

I will miss you, me faltas, Luisito!

I was shocked to hear the sad news that Luis Rizo passed away in an aerotowing accident this week. He has been my good friend of many years, we have met and flown in lots of competitions around the world since 1997. Only a couple of weeks ago I had a great time thermalling with him in the French Alps at the comp in Annecy.
Born and grown up in Colombia, Luis had lived in Paris and flown for France for quite a while now, and he was about to come to Berlin, which I was looking forward to.
Luis was one of the top pilots of the French National team for years, but he was also a talented and successful composer of modern music. I´m sad I never took the time to go to one of his concerts, I missed the chance of him explaining his music. I wanted to do that in Berlin - but never postpone things you really want to do, who knows what happens tomorrow!
Luis cheered me up during the stressful comp in Annecy and gave me another salsa lesson on the Semnoz take off (there were plenty over the years, he was a great dancer and a patient and motivating instructor!)
My thoughts are with his family, specially with his brother Carlos, and with his love Johanna who I met in Annecy - it breaks my heart that you have lost your wonderful man way too soon. Another one who should have always been there. This year is tough.

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