07 Juli 2013

Pre-worlds task 2: 87km around 4 turnpoints

With Forclaz as the launch again, we started north to the same first turnpoint as yesterday. Cloud base was about 100m higher and we had nice clouds to work with, but the organizers saw a risk of overdevelopment, so they set a shorter task and took us to the northeast and northwest to keep us out of the higher mountains and stormy areas.
I had a good start today and saw many new places, as I didnt get around the whole course yesterday. It felt much better to fly along a ridge with some landing fields in sight. The fastest guys just flew straight along the ridge, barely ever turning. I found it quite turbulent and stopped here and there to top up some height for the crossings.
I got to goal today, not really fast, but our rigid class team did really well today - Tim was in second and Norbert 3rd after their 105km task. For the swifts, it was 150km and I guess all of them would have been in goal. It was great to see some Red Bulls in the air today - Steve Cox has some on his Swift, so he is easy to recognize, and also Tom Weissenberger has that sticker on his top surface! Makes me feel like Im not alone!
Soon we will have company I hope - the Red Bull XAlps started today, and if they have some decent flying weather the next days, we might be able to meet up with the guys in the air when they fly around Mont Blanc!
No results online yet, I will try to take a clearer photo of the lists tomorrow so Davis can read them as well ;)

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