18 Juli 2013

Flying Sao Conrado

Thanks to Konrad Heilmann for lending me his Moyes RX 3.5 so I could fly in Rio again! It didn´t look like the best of days as we were waiting for the southeast to kick in, which never arrived. Instead I was chasing the cute little monkeys around that hang out in the trees on take off - they look exactly like the ones in the animated film "Rio" ("...never let a monkey do a bird´s job!")
Around 2pm, we decided it´s better to risk a sled run rather than getting stuck in the shade and tail wind on launch. I was happy to experience that
Konrad´s big wing has such an easy handling that I managed to fly more than an hour together with Fabio, Guto, Marcinho, Nader, Mosquito and the other gun pilots from Sao Conrado! I had the lowest wing load, so I stayed up longest and managed to blend into the flocks of Urubus and fregate birds without a problem.
For a moment I felt like the Queen of Rocinha, one of the largest Favelas (slums) of Rio de Janeiro, watching everything from above, all on my own. Then I heard something like a shot and was reminded that Im nothing but a visitor in this beautiful, intense Brasilian world, even though my welcoming friends always make me feel very much at home here. Immediately I flew back to the vultures and tried to look like them, trying to hide from people who might, just for fun, put some bullets into the sky...
Today the wind looks like a stronger north direction, so the guys might take me to a different flying site close to Rio.

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