05 Juli 2013

On the way to the pre-worlds

It´s a long way to drive from Bremen to Annecy, so I decided to make a few stops on the way. I talked to Andreas Schubert at Flugcenter Wasserkuppe about organizing a hang gliding course for beginners. It is the school where I started to fly, and where I used to work as an instuctor, so it is always like coming home for me. Looks like I could help organizing a course in September!
Then I went on to Munich, the following day down to the beautiful lake of Geneva where I met Hélène and Patrick, some very good friends close to Nyon. They showed me their beautiful restored plane which is more than 70 years old and a little tricky to fly.
On to Annecy today to prepare for the start of the French Open and Pre World Championship which both start tomorrow with a first task. The weather looks promising for the whole week!

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