31 Juli 2013

German Open Day 2: 92km Class 5, cancelled in flex

Something seems wrong with the weather if you come from Florida in July and when you open the doors of the plane in Germany, the air is more humid and hotter than in Orlando ;) from almost 40 C on Sunday, it went down to a fresh 22 after a cold front moved in. It dropped some more rain on us yesterday around 2pm, followed by a 35km/h wind.
Since there are 39 competitors in rigid class, the task was started first for this group. It took them until 4.30 pm to get airborne, 9 guys made it to goal in Cottbus, around 92 km in 1h20 for the day winner, Tim Graboswki. Jochen Zeyher was 2nd, followed by Toni Raumauf and Norbert Kirchner.
The comp in flex class was cancelled due to the wind getting stronger and more turbulent and lack of time to launch this group of 33 pilots.
Today the sky is still covered, dropping small amounts of rain, and the wind is predicted to get stronger than yesterday, but from tomorrow until the end of the comp we expect some epic XC weather.
Results Class 5 yesterday here.

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