31 Mai 2011

3rd task: 85 km around 2 turnpoints

Today the forecast was for storm development in the afternoon, so they called an early, short 85 km task around Mokarspitze and Windische Höhe. Base was higher than predicted, and luckily we had less wind than predicted. It was great to just fly straight and fast again! Crossing over into Gailtal, we found a fair bit of turbulence, but also good strong thermals of 6m/s integrated! So it was a really short day, I already landed at 2.30 pm!
I was quite fast, but Bernd Otterpohl was even 5 minutes faster on this course today! He has beaten a few of the rigid wing guys who again had a clear advantage, as we had a few big crossings on course today. The score is a déja-vu of yesterday: Patrick Jung 1st, Dieter 2nd and Manfred Vaupel in 3rd place. Overall Bernd is climbing up into the top 3, definitely when they deduct 10 % as a factor for the advantage of the rigid wings. Walter Schurr is 2nd in flex class, and I am 3rd, even though I bombed out completely yesterday ;)
Probably some rain tomorrow, the storms have not arrived in Drautal yet!

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