02 Juni 2011

Hessenmeisterschaft Day 4&5 cancelled

No task yesterday and today due to overdevelopment and a high risk of rain and thunderstorms. At the moment the sky above Emberger Alm is dark and it looks like the rain is not far away.
Time for me to pull out the photo of the vulture from a few days ago. I wasn´t quite sure if it was a really big eagle or a goose vulture, but the depth of the wing and the colours of the feathers reminded me of the big guys in Spain ;)

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Congratulation Corinna !
Great pic. Makes me jealous for not being there. Next time.... Great experience flying with this big birds. Had the experinece many yrs ago at the Hochschober group. Have fun, Corinna ! C U,
Cheers from doc steve troutman :-)