11 Mai 2011

German Open Tegelberg, Day 1

Today we started the German Open at Tegelberg with a pilots breakfast and the Mayor of Schwangau. Weather looked iffy, because we have a cold front moving into our area, but no forecast could tell us the exact time of storm development.
On take off, they set a fast 65 km task in this area to get everybody into goal safely before the rain starts.
It was a fun flight with very high cloudbase of about 2700 m, rare in this area. Still some places were shaded, so it was not just blind racing, sometimes you had to slow down, get high again. We all had tracking devices, so you can watch us online flying the task: DHV LIVE TRACKING (have a look at the cool device to recharge them all...)
It does not look like we will fly tomorrow, a lot of rain in the prediction, but Friday we will have a good day for sure, in nice clear air after the front went through.
Today Alex Ploner won the day, followed by Roland Wöhrle and Bob Baier. I really enjoyed flying with Bob again today, he is such a gentle man in the air! Always helpful, always happy, climbing well, making great decisions in this area. Mind you, his new outfit in white and blue looks really smart, on the ground and in the air!
I finished between 10th and 15th today, and first woman. Monique 2nd and Regina 3rd!
Rigid class was won by Norbert Kirchner, followed by Toni Raumauff and Tim Grabowski! Many happy faces in goal, and the Bavarian TV as well, they were happy about the filming today and I can´t wait to see their report.
Results will be published on the King Ludwig Open page.

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