26 Mai 2011

Buenos Aires

Great weather in Buenos Aires! I am lucky to accompany one of my favourite LH Captains, Rüdeger von Lutzau, on his last flight before retirement. Today his family, friends and our crew are planning a trip to the Tigre Delta to enjoy the autumn sun.
Yesterday I met Flavio Galliussi from FlyRanch Buenos Aires - he said he has loads of work with hang gliding courses and tandem flights, even though the season is nearly over. Christian Zehetmayer had been working with Flavio in winter, and Flavio said they could have done even more flights - economy is picking up and people love to get out of the city and have an exciting time at Fly Ranch. It was a season of great weather conditions. Soon Flavio is planning on a holiday in Canada to visit and fly with Stewart Midwinter.

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El Landshut hat gesagt…

Congratulations! Enjoy your Retirement, Mr. Lutzau! I still remember you back then in Mogadisciu ´77, on that iconic picture with your later wife and Ben Wisch in the background. Hats off!