08 Mai 2011

Great weather!

At the moment, we are blessed with sunny weather day after day, this whole week has seen record breaking xc kilometers. I got back from Caracas on Friday and went to Hochfelln yesterday to try a German flight for the DHV XC.
We started at 11am and it was a bit slow in the beginning, only at Wilder Kaiser the day turned on. From there, I continued to Hohe Salve and into Pinzgau, where the conditions were just marvellous, you could just fly straight along the ridge. When I reached Schmittenhöhe and looked north, most clouds had disappeared, so I thought the Bavarian wind must have started and turned around to try and fly back. Valley winds had picked up and the strong north easter didn´t make it easier to get home. The turbulence kept getting worse, so I landed not far away from Kössen and thought I can visit Toni Raumauff. But he wasn´t back yet from his flight... in 8 hours he flew 316 km, crossing the main ridge of the Alps twice! What a great flight.
I hope this weather stays around for us next week at the German Open at Tegelberg as well!

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