14 Mai 2011

And the winners are...

... Alex Ploner - International German Open Champion
Bob Baier - German Champion FAI 1
Norbert Kirchner - German Champion FAI 5
and me - International and German Women´s Champion!

See the results here!

The final day: Cancelled due to storms

Today we went up Tegelberg for a last task, even though it was still raining in the morning and cloud base was low. The blue sky appeared in the west, but also the prediction for early overcast and storms. We could clearly see castellanus development, and after a consultation of meteorologist Volker Schwaniz, the day was cancelled at 12.30 so we could at least have a short last flight and a safe landing.

I took off and flew around all the beautiful castles in the area, enjoying slow and smooth lift up to 1800m. It got darker from the west and also to the north, so I decided to land around 13.45. Some drops of rain and the first clear thunder at 14.20 ... My gear was packed up in time to stay dry, but right now Im blogging in the rain. Déja-vu?

The awards were great, in the tent with still quite a lot of pilots here and a good band is playing, pilots are dancing. It was nice that Carole Tobler visited us and flew with us today. No accidents at this competition, interesting tasks are a very good record for the start of the German comp season.

In two weeks, I will join the Hessenmeisterschaft.

Tomorrow don´t miss RTL 2 at 18.00 – My race against Ferrari at „Grip – das Motormagazin“ and later on BR at 22.15 in „Sport in Bayern“ a report about the German Open!

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It was a nice item on BR television. I was happy to find the channel on the satelite system. I hope to see more hanggliding on the television.