29 Mai 2011

Hessenmeisterschaft DAy 1

Today we started straight away into the first task of Hessenmeisterschaft in Greifenburg. Only 85 km around 4 turnpoints, as cirrus shaded the valley and the forecast was rather weak. Turned out to be better, also the valley breeze was really weak, thermals worked well from quiet low. Good for me - I was so tired that I flew rather straight than in many circles, getting low quite often.
No results online yet, but I think Dieter Mueglich won the day in his Atos, followed by Axel Hartmann. My friend Walter Schurr, also a Lufthansa Captain, got to goal pretty fast, probably ahead of me. We had a goal radius of 1000m and I landed on a different field, so I didnt see all the guys in goal. But there were many of our small field of about 20 pilots.
After my landing, I met these great kids who had watched my landing. Immediately I saw the kid in the Red Bull Kini Wings for life shirt, his name is Lucas Schiffbaenker, a local. He promised to come back on Saturday to watch our final day of the competition. But I should write it in German, I don´t know if the kids speak English.
Ich hab mich sehr gefreut, nach meiner Landung in der Thaler-Wiese (wo ich wohne) diese Kinder zu treffen. Einer von ihnen, Lukas Schiffbänker, hat ein Red Bull Kini Wings for Life Shirt angehabt, und bereitwillig ließen sie sich zu einem Foto mit mir überreden. Lucas hat versprochen, am Samstag, unserem letzten Wettbewerbstag, wieder vorbeizuschauen, dann bringt er auch seine Red Bull Kappe mit und wir werden im Partnerlook sein!

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