30 Mai 2011

175 km to Toblach and Goldeck

Today I was happy that we got a big task to fly - 175 km was a record task for Hessenmeisterschaft, and 6 people made goal! Patrick Jung was first, followed by Dieter Müglich. Also Oli flew the task with us, but he is not in the rankings unfortunately. Bernd Otterpohl was first flex glider in goal, and Walter Schurr was second and the only other flexible wing who made the course. They did a really great job, cloud base was low considering the big crossings on the way, and the thermals only got really good after 4pm (they said, I didnt exprience really good lift today...).
I landed quite early today, already in Lienz, as I took the crossing from Zettersfeld to Hochstein way too low and got into a very strong valley breeze. It was a tough day anyway, as Im fighting off a cold at the moment, plus a bit of Argentinian jet lag... very difficult to find the core of the thermals if you are not too concentrated, so I decided I better land as long I still have a good concentration. I still enjoyed the day very much, as I filmed 3D again, and I followed a huge vulture around above take off, I really hope he is on the 3D film footage that Im downloading at the moment.
Tomorrow we can fly again, and then a front will move through on Wednesday.

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