22 August 2010

Oslo, Vigeland Sculpture Park

Early on Saturday, I flew up to Oslo. The first surprise was the purser of my flight - Britta is a friend from my first flight attendant training, and she is also a fan of a-ha and Morten and was thrilled to hear where I was going...
In Oslo, I took the bus to get to Helsfyr where Georgia picked me up and brought me to her and Oyvinds flat. She spoilt me with some pao de queijo, my favourite Brazilian delicacy - and confused me completely with that, because I was still in Caracas jetlag and with the familiar smell of those little crispy cheese rolls, I thought I was in Brazil, not in Norway.
Georgia and Oyvind took me to Vigeland Sculpture Park in the afternoon, as I had never been there before. Amazing to see so many sculptures in a park!
In the evening, Oyvind took me to Ulleval Stadium for the a-ha concert. The first time ever that I heard them in Norway. Pål seemed more ecstatic than ever on stage, it was fun watching him, as he obviously enjoyed playing and being on stage. Mags entertained the audience and I was happy that I got some subtitles every now and then from the people around me, as my Norwegian is not quite that fluent anymore.
The light show had advanced a great deal from the Buenos Aires stage, but the absolute highlight of the evening was Morten´s heavenly voice, crystal clear, absolutely on top of every key! It was the best performance of him that I have heard so far. And I guess also the other 30000 people in the stadium appreciated it, even if they did not express their enthusiasm as openly as the South Americans. Audience wise it looked very much like a concert in Germany. Well I guess German fans are a bit more hysteric than the people in Norway.
Sunny but very windy in Oslo today. I will meet Bjørn and his Italian mountaineer friends tonight for dinner and then have an interview for the Red Bulletin magazine tomorrow. Can´t wait!

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Hi Corinna,

viel Spass bei Deinem Interview.. Auf norwegisch ;-?

Gruss Patrick

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sehr sexy Foto ! ....;-)
meint der Musicman aus Bruchsal