09 August 2010

Where are the Russians???

First of all, the teams got their trophies yesterday at the award ceremony of the pre-worlds. The Italian team won again (like in Ager at the Europeans), ahead of the Austrians and the French, followed by Britain and Brazil. The Brazilians won the Cucco Worlds in 1999 and are keen to do that again next year. My team (Roland, Gerd, Christian, Markus and me) was in 7th place, the second German team ("Teambuktu" with Monique, Stefan Boller, Uli Eysel, Jörg Bajewski, Stefan Kohlmeistern, Konrad Schwab and Stephan Mangelsdorf) ended in 17th and team "Bavaria" in 21st out of 38 teams.
After the teams they tried to call us women on stage, but where were the Russian women? No Yulia, no Natalia in sight! So Flavio called the top ten guys instead. Roland Wöhrle was the best German pilot in 10th place! Manfred won, followed by Jonny and Mario.
We were about to leave when I saw Natalia and sent her to Flavio to get her trophy and to take a photo. When I arrived there, she was gone, but Yulia was there... Finally we found Natalia again too and managed to take a photo with the top 3 women of the comp: Yulia in 1st, me in 2nd and Natalia in 3rd. I am sorry that Yulia has to go back to Moscow now to try and get a new visa. The fires around Moscow are still burning and are turning the air in and around the city into a very unhealthy fog.
The next days I have to work standby for Lufthansa and I have no idea yet where they will send me to.

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