15 August 2010

Best friends

This photo was taken in Spain at the European Championship in Ager. My father found these two beautiful sunflowers close to the goal at Vilamitjana for Regina and me, and when I looked at the photo, I thought I should introduce you to my best friend in hang gliding for many years.
Regina Glas has been the team leader for our "open" team at the Euro´s and Worlds, and she is a member of our women´s team when we are flying the women´s worlds. Also she is probably the one who put the biggest effort into organizing the Women´s World Championships at Tegelberg this year. She is one of the most patient and good hearted people I know. And one of the most dedicated to our sport of hang gliding and paragliding. Regina is working for the DHV, the German hang- and paragliding association, where she helps to promote a positive public image of our sport.
Many people have confused her and me, even though our "dialects" are extremely different: I am from Bremen, from the very north of Germany, and Regina is from the southern part of Bavaria close to Tegernsee. Even pre-world Champion Manfred Ruhmer can´t always tell us apart ;)
This year, Regina had trouble with the discs of her back and had been in big pain for a while. I hope all is good again and she can fly very soon. I know that Regina went to Slovenia for the Kobala Open, and even though she might not, as planned, be able to participate, Im sure she will take some great photos and write updates for us on the DHV home page. I wish I could be there as well, but I have to work on a flight to Caracas this week. Too early to take Claudia back home I guess, Jamie and her are in Tolmin as well.

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