02 August 2010

Task 2 Cucco: 100km around 2 turnpoints

Today the forecast was for wsw wind with a base around 1800m and blue on our course with weaker lift than yesterday. Nevertheless, they set another big task of 100 km around two turnpoints. At briefing, there was quite a bit of amazement about the penalties. 7 pilots were zeroed for various airspace infringements, Shedsy and Luiz Rizo and Dustin amongst them! Then there was a list of 15 other pilots who got a warning for just one light step over the limit of less than 100 m, next time they will also be zeroed. It is very difficult to get exact coordinates and the airspace boarder while flying, also the difference between barometric and gps height is quite big... it can happen to anybody anytime I guess and I really hope they get rid of this problem for the worlds next year. With just two scheduled flights into Perugia airport every week, they should be able to find a better solution, more freedom for the flying world!
Anyway, the course led us right along the Perugia CTR, and I hope my track is ok again. It is very unpleasant to dive low into some of these hills that are very unlandable, also the 2nd turnpoint, Monte Catria, was impressive for the non-existence of any kind of slopes. With so many pilots in the air, at least we can see more lift than usual.
My driver Tim gave me a tracking device today that updates every 10 minutes. It is not as detailed as the one we had in Ager, but at least you can follow me on course now!
Manfred won the day again ahead of Alex Ploner an Elio Cataldi! I was the best woman (at the moment on 24th) and 3rd best German pilot after Roland and Gerd, Im quite happy about that as it was a day with quite a bit of headwind again in some places. Monique made goal today as well, and Christa landed at goal, just without the last difficult turnpoint (missing about 25 km).

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Louise hat gesagt…

I agree that they need to sort the airspace issue out. There are a lot more schedule flights into and out of Perugia now, approx 8 a day, which is not Heathrow, they do have a busy private jet park too. But probably new turn points would be an easier answer in the short term.