26 August 2010

My friend the camel and me - Cairo, Timezone UTC +2

I had a great flight from Oslo to Frankfurt with Scandinavian Airlines. I was allowed to sit in the cockpit of the 737-600 and had a look down on Bremen, my home, which looks very similar to Oslo, except beer is a lot cheaper ;)
In Cairo I always have to go to the pyramids and find a friendly camel to ride. We had great fun with those beautiful animals. Finally somebody who understands and appreciates my jokes.

3 Kommentare:

Anonym hat gesagt…

Good Joke, haha.
Have fun !

Jan L.
Hangglider pilot

Rebi hat gesagt…

Was fürn geiles Foto! ;-)

Unknown hat gesagt…

jjaj saliste muy bien y el camello tb,i like your jokes too jaj!