07 August 2010

Monte Cucco Task 4: 80 km around 4 turnpoints

It rained and stormed all night, and it was very wet in the morning, with a cloudbase way below take off. We went to Cucco South take off anyway, but we had a late briefing and start of the day. Slowly base was rising, but then it looked a bit like the top of the clouds was rising too fast... By 15.20 when our startgate opened, it already rained behind take off.
Yet the task of 81 km around 4 turnpoints was not stopped or cancelled. Lift was strong and reliable, but here and there we saw some showers. Luckily no lightening or thunder. When we came back along take off, the rain had gone and the last part or our task up to Scheggia looked sunny again.
Jeff O´Brien (US) won the day with a very low and marginal final glide into goal at Vila Scirca. Overall Manfred stays in the lead, but Primoz will have dropped out of the top 3 today, and Jonny moved probably up. Great effort – Jonny´s carbon leading edge was broken on take off so he had to fly a different glider, then he had forgotten his shoes and hopped off in thongs. Maybe the pilots´party was a bit intense last night?

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