04 August 2010

Task 3: 90 km around 5 turnpoints

Today we went to Cucco North for take off, as we experienced quite strong northerly wind and a low cloudbase. I didn´t get higher than 1550m msl the whole day, and we had still a 90 km task around 5 turnpoints. Not easy to fly, as the lift was quite rough and small, not too strong. At least there were clouds, and sometimes I chose the right ones that worked.
After the last turnpoint, I started heading out towards goal in Esanatolia, but goal was quite high and as I didnt know if I could make it or not and the last few kilometers were just hills and a lot of powerlines, I turned around and landed in the last field before goal that seemed safe to me, about 3km away.
Zippy won the day today, after having partied till very late last night very exceptional. I heard that Yulia made it to goal, but just, she was ground skimming in with a side wind.
Predictions for the next two days vary between rain and overdevelopment or higher clouds with a late chance of rain, so I guess we will just wait and see and try again tomorrow.

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