23 August 2010


Today Georgia and Oyvind took me to Holmenkollen - some time ago, they had been able to fly from a hill around the corner from the big ski jump ramp, but now there are too many buildings everywhere. What a great view of the Oslo Fjord though!
We also went to the beach at the old airport of Oslo, there is still a small, visible part of the runway, now used for roller hockey. Oyvind said they used to aerotow there, but now they built too many obstacles. Too bad, it looks like a great place to find seabreeze convergence. Except it must be very difficult with the airspace restrictions of Oslo.
This is one of the most beautiful big cities in the world, as it feels very small and comfortable, with a lot of trees and nature. And forests full of chanterelle and porcini mushrooms! I would love to live here in summer, but summer really is too short, and winter too long and dark. It is nice to sit in front of the fire place in winter, but I am always glad to escape to the south for some flying in warmer climates ;) yet I really want to go to Vaga and Voss - maybe they could organize the next Women´s and Rigid Worlds in Vaga?

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