24 April 2019

Task 3: 88,5km around 4 TP

DHV Report in German
Feeling a lot better today, I went to Quest airfield without really knowing if I would take off or not - I was going to see how I felt when launch was open. Seemed like there were more important things to solve first! While Davis recommended to stage in the Northwest for towing, more and more top pilots came to me, telling me they don´t want to tow from that place, as it doesn´t fit the prevailing wind direction.
So we made a safety decision together with safety director Jeremy and took all the gliders down the field to the west-east runway and delayed all times by 15 minutes. Looks like it was a good decision, the winds kept blowing from ENE.
The doctors said I should stay in the shade, so I decided to keep my sail above me all day. Bobby pulled up for a tow, so I said "go, go, go!" It wasn´t easy staying up today, many pilots landed and reflew. But I got lucky and found lift with a top gaggle, including half the US national team pilots, the
Rotor family and Jonny Durand.
I didn´t have enough energy yet to actively force my wing to any move, so I just let it fly. And my little Moyes RX Pro did awesome! It climbed like a feather, and even on glide I wasn´t falling too far behind, often arriving higher than the guys who showed me the next thermal (big big thanks to you guys, I´m aware that I totally pimped off you, especially of Jonny today, but I just lacked energy and put my glider on auto mode "follow your big brother"!
About 5km before goal, I got really low and thought I´d deck it, but a lucky bird showed me enough lift to let me get into goal and pull off a nice landing! I was mega exhausted, but happy! Man, this wing is something, if a person running on 80% like me today can make it to goal in it! Thanks, Vicki, Rob and Jonny!!!
Not many in goal today, so I could move up 10 places from my 30th rank, while Patrick stayed in 10 overall and Kevin still leads the comp. Kevin and Patrick had to land and refly again, but they were only allowed to launch after sports class had gone, so they were delayed by a whole lot. Still Kevin raced around the course in a remarkable time - he´s on fire!

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