26 April 2019

Day 6: cancelled for strong westwind and storms

Results here
DHV report in German
Zac Majors won task 5, speeding like a maniac around the course, almost an hour faster than me!
We had some rain this morning, and a lot of westwind with strong gusts, low cloudbase. I don´t think that people will complain about a rest day before we fly another day tomorrow.
When I heard a scream in our house earlier, I thought that Majo had found another spider. She had come in from the lake and had seen a snake slithering into the water and swimming away, which totally freaked her out! There are lots of interesting animals around in Florida... and the Florida possums are nowhere near as cute as the Aussie ones, but they were too fast for me to take a photo, so all I can give you is another shot of the  cute ducks at Quest, which are growing up fast. I guess when they are ready, Bobby will take them up for a spin!

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