19 April 2019

It´s a long way to Georgia!

Task 4: 245km around 3 tp northeast to Hillard/Georgia
DHV report in German

After Suan got a T-shirt as a prize for his amazing lonesome flight to goal and daywin on task 3, the pilots gasped even more when task 4 was announced: a 245km flight to Georgia! Three and a half hours drive for the retrievers, and maybe an even longer flight. Elapsed time again, cause the southerly wind was gusting up to 30km/h, and it would have been too difficult to wait in a start circle.
An exciting day for many pilots - first we had to take a rodeo ride up into the sky, as the towing in these conditions gets really adventurous. Then we had to find lift strong enough to get us up and out, or to land and tow up again, cause in this strong wind, there was no going back once you drifted away!
I got on course really late, cause it took me 3 tows before Bobby finally dropped me into a nice thermal. Thankfully I was with 4 other pilots, so we could fly together.
We had been hoping for cloud streets, but they actually were quite far apart, and as a result of the strong wind, not really long lasting clouds. Timing was everything!
After about half way down the course, I landed, exhausted after a stressful day, in a field next to a main road, an easy retrieve. What an accomplishment that Rudy Gotes made goal, ahead of Kevin Carter! They started about an hour before I did.
Jonny Durand was about 20km short of goal and went up to 1st in the overall ranking with his great flying!
In sports class, Erik Grabowski took another day win, he and Rod Regler were the only pilots who made the 149km course.
Today was cancelled early due to really strong southerly winds, gusting up to 70km/h, and a forecast for a storm front that went the whole state of Florida. At 2pm, it started raining hard and we saw some lightenings, but the front seems to be through already. On it´s backside, the forecast expects a strong westerly breeze, we will see tomorrow morning if it makes sense to fly another day of the pre-worlds.
The forecast for our competition of the 2nd week of the Quest nationals is sensational, it looks as if we might be flying every day!!! There are still spots open for the second week, so if you have time, come over tomorrow and fly with us in beautiful, warm Florida, chasing the gators!

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