24 April 2019

Next one: Quest Nationals

On Easter Sunday, we started into a new week of hanggliding competition here at Quest. Quite a few pilots left to go to the Spring meeting in Italy, but a lot of great US pilots joined us for the second week.
We were going to fly 100km around 2 turnpoints with goal at the Wales Airstrip. A blue day with good climbs up to 1700m - it was fast racing with the gaggle, we must have been about 20 pilots or more! After we flew past the Fantasy of Flight turnpoint and enjoyed a thermal that came right off the Lufthansa Superconstellation parked in front of it, we hit some lake area with difficult landing places and tricky lift, so we slowed down.
Some guys flew out, but they were hit by the headwind towards goal and had to thermal up again, while this time my fear of not having enough height to get to goal worked out, and I had a comfortable glide with a beautiful landing! 926 points in the open class were my reward, a great start into this comp!
John Simon won the day, just ahead of my teammate Kevin Dutt, Pedro came in 3rd and Zippy 4th.
I was really happy, cooking dinner for our whole team, Patrick, Zac, Majo, Kevin, Sergey and Nadja! We finished a great day, watching Game of Thrones together.
Little did I know how sick I would get the following night!

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