26 April 2019

Day 5: 91,5 km around 4 TP

A nice article today in the Orlando Sentinel!
Thanks to Patrick, Sergey, Kevin, Nadja, Majo and Zippy, I managed to fly another day despite not being back to 100% yet. All I had been able to eat for 3 days was some watermelon and a sandwich basically, because the side effect of my infection medication kicked in with serious nausea. Big thanks to Heather for her Lemon-lime potion, which calmed my guts down a bit. Plus I drank liquid energy in form of half a Red Bull at briefing every day. Incredible that I felt ok as soon as I was in the air, and managed to do three flights in a row of over 100km and more than 4 hours of duration!
Also on our square task to the north and west, I let the glider do its own thing as much as I could, just to save energy. I helped the RX pro a little here and there to find the core, and then let it wind up to the clouds. Base was higher than on most days, and at 1700m, I felt comfortable. Flying a lot with Jonny and Wolfi, it´s always good to improve my speed. Our little gaggle got low here and there, so we had to slow down. We had missed the really good street that had formed out to the last turnpoint (the one with the straight headwind into our face! Tough one), cause we got low at the 3rd turnpoint and had to wait, so there was no way we could catch up to the lead gaggle.
I was happy when Davis, Phil and Philippe Michaud led out after the last turnpoint, cause I didnt have the energy to go fast and low. They found some lift about 15km out from goal, and we topped up a bit.
Another thermal later, I was on glide to goal in a nice tailwind and came in 8th of the day! So far I made goal every day I flew, I´m so happy! And lucky that I have such great support here! Without all these guys, I would have been grounded for days.

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