24 April 2019


Results overall
Sorry for being late with the awards, but they happened at 23.00 at night, and we started flying a new competition the next day, so it was kind of a rush!
The owners of Wilotree Park organized a great Hawaiian Luau party and dinner for all the pilots, drivers and family. A cold front had just gone through, so many of us were shivering in less than 10 C ... but dancing the Hula helps a lot - amazing that the dancers didnt completely froze in their hula skirts!
It felt great to present our Australian manufacturer Moyes with 1st places in all three different classes of the comp, even though we were a minority in Wills Wing country :)
Big congrats to Jonny Durand for taking the win in open class  - he flew like a genius, leading out bravely, finding the next lift for the rest of the pack! And congrats to Erik Graboski, who wouldn´t have had to fly on the last day to still win the sports class comp, as he had so many points on the 2nd pilot!
Davis got some really nice prizes - I got a nice box and playing cards with the Wilotree logo on it, and a very useful purse made from sail cloth! And from Moyes, a golden bird t-shirt!

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