26 April 2019

Day 4: Protest went through, day got invalidated.

Some pilots handed in a formal protest about task 4. A change of the task had not been announced at the take off site, nor was there a whiteboard with the new turnpoint for the pilots visible. Thus the organizers enlarged the radius of the disputed turnpoint after the task had been flown, to include Kevin Dutt and Bruce Barmakian, the pilots who had not got the turnpoint, into the goal scoring.
The last turnpoint was in a difficult spot where a few of us spent quite a bit of time getting up again, or even landing out in that area. As there was no fair way for pilots to find a different way to score the day, they invalidated the task. This will give quite a bit of a shake through the ranking. Jonny won the day, it will hurt his ranking most of all I think.
It´s good to find a fair and straightforward solution, but it hurts to fly for 5 hours around over 100km and not earn a single point with it...

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