31 August 2016

Pre-Worlds Task 3: 105km around 3 Tp

Today a beautiful photo from Jörg - I also update the German report on the DHV-Hompage (here), so Jörg sent me his beautiful pictures today to upload them!

First the best news of yesterday: Primoz won the day and got 1000 fat points!!! We are all very happy, even if Jörg landed 5km short, and I was at the last turnpoint, 17km out, with a huge forest and 25km/h headwind forcing me to stop. We were flying along together for most of the way, just the long glides are really difficult for me, as I fly without ballast. The wind is really strong on take off, but when you land, I had no wind at all more than once and really want to be careful! Nene Rotor even went down on the reserve yesterday as he hit a dustdevil. Luckily he is fine!
Jonny Durand was a bit slower in goal yesterday and lost the lead.
We are 5 girls in the comp here - Claudia Mejia, Chisato Nojiri, Françoise Dieuzede, Kathleen Rigg and me. Francoise made goal yesterday, and Chisato almost got there! Great effort for us light girls in these strong conditions! It´s fun to fly here, as it all reminds me a lot of Australia. Just even a bigger adventure if you land out - there are emus here as well, but instead of kangaroos, you could meet leopards and panthers... you definitely have to get along well with cats and dogs, if you don´t make it to goal ;)

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