16 August 2016

On the way to Brasilia

Summer has been very limited this year around the alps, and my timing with work and flyable days was terrible. Rain and strong wind the few days at home, and while I was gone, some bigger distances had been flown. I kept following the webcams around my favourite mountains, and found a beautiful little rainbow at Greifenburg today!
Luckily I have worked hard enough that I can take a few weeks off now to go to fly two major competitions in Brasilia, where I will compete in the women´s worlds next year. I teamed up with some friends from the Brasilian national team, but also Primoz, Jörg and Tom Halter from Germany will arrive soon, so we can check out the area together. Well, Jörg of course has already flown the worlds in Brasilia in 2003, so he knows the area well! 
Glauco said we have internet at the place where we are staying, so I will keep you updated with photos, stories and results! Stay tuned!

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