30 August 2016

Pre-Worlds Task 1 & 2

Results here. Not an ideal start into the comp for me - no goal out of the first two tasks of about 103 km each. Some excitement in the morning though when I had to change the flat tyre of the German team car...
I landed what felt like in the middle of nowhere yesterday, after the ridge at the bushfires just didn´t work. Bad timing I guess, bacause half an hour later some dust devils started racing through the field.
Luckily I like dogs, because there were no humans in the first couple of farm shacks that I walked to. Three big dogs accompanied me to the third farm house where I finally found a girl and two kids. I told her that I landed in the field on top, but as I didn´t have phone reception, it would be great to be able to use a phone. I was glad when she smiled and started dialing the number of my driver, cause phone and electricity are not a given in the poorer countryside places of Brasil :)
She explained to my driver how to get to the place where I landed, and they picked me up 15 minutes before sunset! I was exhausted, as I had to carry the glider for about 2km out of the field, but happy to have met really friendly, helpful and interested people who told me that a French guy had landed there before, and also a Japanese pilot (who did not speak a word of Portuguese they said).
Jonny is still in the lead overall, Pedro won the day yesterday, Primoz of our German team came 4th yesterday. I fell back down in the ranking, but today is a new day and I try my best again in this great adventure!

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