21 August 2016

Brasilian Nationals Day 1: 60km

I was happy with a short first task of 60km, as I had once again gone straight from work to travel to competition. The weather proved to be better than expected, so almost all pilots made goal. At the moment, the authorities won´t let us use Esplanada, the main aisle of Brasilia, as a goal, but with a low airspace of about 1500m above the city, it doesn´t really look that desirable anymore. I have done that flight before, with plenty of altitude, and it was exciting enough!
The organizers have plenty of large, flat fields as goal to land in, and I was greeted by a cute friendly dog.
When we found out the next day that almost half the field got 0 points for airspace infringements, it felt a bit strange, as I had followed the numbers given at briefing, so I filed a complaint and gave my gps and barographic altitude values again. I have not seen a decision yet, but I hope they can re-score the day on a different basis. Once they finished their decision, we might find the results here.

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