17 August 2016

Arriving in Brasilia, Timezone UTC -3

This morning I finally arrived in Sao Paulo after a smooth trip with a great Lufthansa crew. Then I flew with Latam, how TAM is called here, to Brasilia. I had a good chat with very friendly flight attendants and really enjoyed the short flight.
Our driver Zeca picked me and Klaus, a Carioca pilot, up and took us to the Pousada where Glauco booked us in. A great place, with a pool underneath the mango tree, with lots of green (not quite ripe! I want to eat them anyway!) mangoes on them - my dream! I always wanted a mango tree in my garden!
I set up my mosquito net to stay zika free and tried to have a snooze. And there was the problem- this place is on the way to take off, and take off is 60km north of the city of Brasilia, so to save time in the morning, it is great not to have to go through the traffic. BUT- this place is right on something like a huge highway, with lots of trucks racing past, so even with earplugs squished almost into my brain, I could still hear the road. Did I mention the motorbikes? I know, spoilt European pilot... I´m sure there will be a solution. Everything else is great, internet is available, we have a fridge in the room, and it is clean.
Tonight registration will take place somewhere for the Brasilian Nationals, nobody seems to know yet where ;) Lots of time, the comp only starts tomorrow morning. "Ralaxa!" the guys keep saying to me, but it will take me a few weeks to stop being my over-organized, super-punctual me...

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