21 August 2016

Brasilian Nationals Day 2: 109km

As the first day was undercalled, a much bigger task was set for the second day, even though the wind started to be a bit off on launch. I quickly got into the line to have enough time in the air before the start, but still only got away with the second gate, like most others.
It was exciting to fly along the ridge - you really don´t want to land in the valley! There are good options, but it takes 3 hours to get there and 3 hours back out, so your team and your driver won´t like you that much afterwards...

Luckily I got back to the take off turnpoint ok, but made the mistake then to fly over the flats directly towards the next turnpoint. The wind washed me down, and after only half the task I landed on Mars! A huge field of red dust welcomed me with a very strong wind. One by one, more pilots kept dropping into that place, and when their drivers went past me, they dusted me in a big, red cloud - no sign language helped to slow them down...
When we stopped in Brasilinha for some dinner, they had lots of meats on the grill for offer, but no vegetables - Glauco is a local pilot and he had the great idea to just go shopping in the supermarket next door, and with a value of 2,50€, we provided broccoli, pumpkin, aubergine, zucchini and capsicum for our whole big table of 11 people - everybody was quite happy to dig into some healthy, fresh greens as well! The chefs did a great job!
Jonny won the day by a big margin, only four other pilots made goal. Results not quite finished, as they still decide on the protests and complaints of the first day.

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