21 August 2016

Brasilia Day 3: cancelled on take off, strong side wind

Task 3 was cancelled after about 5 pilots took off, but the lateral and partly tail wind kept getting stronger and more unpredictable. I had cued up quite early cause I expected to have to wait for a long time for safe conditions, but I was very relieved when they decided to cancel. Everybody packed up and went back to town.
As it was Saturday, a lot of people went partying. Our great driver Elsa wanted to take me out, but when I was running through the garden barefoot, I struck a rock with my toe and it ripped out the full nail :( so I tried to clean it up, stop the bleeding, and put a tape on. I had wanted to cook a moong dhal for my hosts Claudinha and her mother, but now I had to remote-control Elsa to do that, as I had to put up my foot. She made a great job and we had a delicious dinner!
Luckily day 4, Sunday, was also cancelled, with a frontal system moving through and a strong tail wind on take off in the forecast, so I had another day to follow our team doctor Eckhart Schröter´s instructions - keep it clean, let it dry, and wait! In the meantime, Claudinha and her mom spoilt me with mango, coconut water and pão de queijo!

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