12 Januar 2013

Worlds Task 4: 185km dogleg

Another really hot day today, we had a 185km dogleg task yesterday. Christian was 3rd of the day, Gerd 4th and Roland 9th, a really good day for the team score! Also Jörg and I got to goal. We were already at 9.15pm back at HQ thanks to Olis help and driving! It is good to get a little rest before the next big day.
This morning we saw some dark clouds, but not more than 3 drops of rain reached all the way down to Forbes. Bit windier today, briefing starts now.
They set a 198 task around 3 turnpoints with goal at Peak Hill. It is still cloudy and the wind directions are changing. If the wind picks up, we will have a straight flight to Gulgong, 195km.
Results are here!

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