09 Januar 2013

Worlds Day 2: Wind too strong!

On a cancelled day there is always a lot to do. Gerd, Olli and Roland helped me to improve my harness, while Jörg checked his glider. Apparently Wolfi´s outboard leading edge of his Wills Wing had melted down in goal on the first day... luckily it is a lot cooler today, Temperatures will only go up to about 30C. The wind direction turned to south and is still strong, so we might do a task to the north today, towards Narrowmine or Dubbo I guess. Last years turnpoint at Bogan Gate will have to be avoided, there was a bush fire going on yesterday, they started in many places in New South Wales over the past very hot days. A total fire ban means no open fire at all, people are not even allowed to light their cigarettes outside.
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