14 Januar 2013

Thanks to the tug pilots!

Big thanks to the tug pilots for getting us into the air (and into the first thermal) safely, the conditions this year are very tough. Strong wind, turbulent air, lots of dust devils.
Today we have a 240km task to the NNW. We might get back late after midnight from another long flight today. Let´s see if Davis will decide for a rest day or not. Endurance training. I voted for a rest day, to just recover and stay safe until the end of the comp. It is also a women´s worlds, and in these superstrong conditions a bit harder than for guys who weigh a good 30kg more than us on average. The last strong wind days were difficult and I believe everybody could have more fun on the last couple of days when having rested. But it is also a political decision, who is in the lead and who wants to make more points, so most of the pilots, even when tired, won´t vote for a rest day. Also a question of pride to admit or not that one needs a rest.

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