13 Januar 2013

Task 6: 240km dogleg to Gulgong over Tomingly

The wind picked up a lot yesterday, it was up to 60km/h at goal, with a strong cross and headwind on the last 50km of our task. Nobody made goal and the task was stopped at 5.45pm.
I was the furthest woman, closely followed by Linda Salamone (USA), it was a tough fight against the headwind for us girls.
No rest day today, as the strong wind already rushed through yesterday. Today we have our longest task so far: 240km to Gulgong over Tomingly. Let´s go! When it is 45 C on the ground, it is much better to be in the air! And I got up to 3900m yesterday, Roland even above 4000!
Special thanks to Stefan Boller for his fun Kangaroo pictures every day! It is important to keep laughing and keep the fun going! 

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