24 Januar 2013


Thanks to all the people who made Forbes possible for us! Big thanks to Vicki, Steve and Bill for having put in the bid to bring the worlds to Australia again. Thanks to all the numerous assistants everywhere, in the hot paddock and in the hot bowling club.
Thanks to the DHV for all their trust and support in our team and us individual pilots! We worked hard and tried our best - and my work has only just begun ;)
Thanks to Moyes for the RX 3, a glider I could fly 2000km and 60 hours in 14 days with and still happily jump into Bruce´s Malibu at Cronulla Beach the day after the awards, I didnt need to take Voltaren during the comp ;)
Thanks to Red Bull and adidas for their sponsorship, not just in Europe, but also in Australia - you guys make me feel home everywhere in the world! The Red Bull music truck and the sampling girls even came out to the hot paddock in Forbes with cool drinks and cool music! The adidas outdoor clothes made my flying much more comfortable and safe!
Thanks to Timezone for the great shirts and trousers!
Thanks to e-cooline for the life saving cooling vests!
Thanks to adidas eyewear and to ciba vision for the sharpest eyes I ever had in a competition!
Thanks to icebreaker for the best cooling UV protection of my skin, always fresh and soft!
Thanks to Bräuniger for an instrument that always worked reliably and gave me the best time!
Thanks to Icaro Helmets for the safe Icaro 4Fight full face helmet which is safe and also helps with good radio transmissions!
Thanks to Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber for their "good luck autographs" on my helmet - it really worked, guys!!!
Thanks to my team leaders, assistants, filmer and photographers, thanks to my team mates for a fair and supportive competition.
Big thanks to Tascha for great massages, looking after me and my glider, and for your mental support!
Thanks heaps to Kathryn O´Riordan and Dave May, the cutest couple in hang gliding, for all your support on our long trip - it is fantastic to feel welcome! Please come over to travel and fly with us again in Europe!
Thanks to all the other pilots for having shared the big Forbes air with me.
Thanks to Dena for having hosted us in her comfortable house in Forbes!
And thanks to all the farmers - you always were a great help to me and my team mates, always friendly and helping us with retrieve!
And last but not least, thanks to the wedge tailed eagles for just having ripped my sail apart but not attacking me!
It was a great adventure and through us you all participated in it!

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