31 Januar 2013

Surprise Party at Moyes!

 All my bags were packed, I was ready to go, when Jonny and Vicki exchanged some passwords and got me by surprise - all the people working at the Moyes factory in Botany came up to congratulate me for the new title! I was very moved to see them all, because they all helped me to get where I am, they helped to build the gliders that made it possible for me to win 5 world champion titles! It was so nice that I could thank them and share this moment with them.
Vicki had prepared a special chocolate cake, it was soooo yummy! The day had begun with a cappuccino with Bill at the Bogey Hole Cafe in Bronte, then Vicki came over and invited me for breakie before going to the factory.
Steve and Kim had come over and we all took some photos at Bronte Beach.
It was a great last day in Australia and I hope I can be back soon for my favourite competition in Canungra in October!

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