01 Januar 2013

Flight performance

Everybody was talking about the fireworks at the Harbour Bridge, but while we were waiting, we thought it would be a spectacular setting for the Red Bull Air Race, flying around the Opera House and under Harbour Bridge in Sydney. About half an hour later, two little fast planes showed off a great aerobatic performance, and I was almost sure one of them was Matt Hall who used to compete for Australia in the Red Bull Air Race. I love the sound of the machines, and I love to watch their moves, always imagining how great it would be to get into one of these planes and learn how to defy gravity. If I do well on Jan. 5th at the Red Bull spot landing competition in Forbes, I might win such a flight and another dream could come true!
Tomorrow it will be a hot drive out to Forbes, I share the ride with James Stinnet from the US team. In Forbes, I will meet up with my team mates who had been training in Gulgong the past few days, while I was waiting for the wind to get right at Stanwell.

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