09 Juni 2011

What a man!

This is really a great title for German actor Matthias Schweighöfer. And of course his movie too - "What a man!" I had been invited to a preview of his first œvre as director, screen writer, producer and actor - and he was still able to keep his eyes open and crack jokes in his characteristic Berlin accent - I love it! It was obvious how much fun the guys had when they produced the film, and the mood was contagious, the cinema was shaking with laughter. When Matthias told us that many aspects were autobiographic, or taken from other true stories, you could observe quite a few question marks in our faces. Check out the youtube What a man!-Diary of the film - it should get to cinemas in mid August.
I enjoyed the film a lot and I will watch it again for sure when the final version is out in the cinemas - well done, Matthias, great piece of entertainment! What a privilege to meet you and be able to chat with you. My favourite scene is in the end of the movie, and I know that most of my friends will relate to that very much ;) well Im not giving it away here, just go and watch it!
Matthias said he will be on the way to Salzburg to work against his fear of flying - I hope Guido is around at Hangar 7, with his enthusiasm and fun he might be able to show Matthias the magic of wings!
Also at the cinema I met Viktoria Rebensburg, charming olympic gold medalist in giant slalom, one of Germany´s very young and upcoming athletes. It amazes me that some people can fly extremely fast even without wings ;) she is skiing in the same mountains where I am flying, just at opposite seasons. She likes New Zealand in August, I prefer to be there in March... great that on some rare days we are on the same continent. I always enjoy meeting other athletes, because compared to them, our little sport sometimes looks semi-professional and I can learn a lot about training, tactics, marketing - but most of all I like this enthusiastic attitude and passion about the sport we love!
The day had started with a remarkable meeting with Nomi Baumgartl and Florian Wagner, two top photographers from Munich, but that´s a longer story and will be told tomorrow.

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