22 Juni 2011

New Ramp at Melibokus

Between two flights I had a stop at my old flying site in Odenwald. My club members from 1. ODC had rebuilt the ramp, and it truely looks inviting. And might be the only place in Germany where only hang glider pilots can take off ;) Melibokus is a mountain half an hour south of Darmstadt, with about 400 m height difference, and a NW wind is best for take off. Yet you see Patrick´s take off in a southerly...

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winDfried hat gesagt…

Dear Corinna,
in Germany additionally to Melibokus there are at least
Serrig (W) and Neumagen/Dhron (E) where hanggliders can launch exclusively.
Both have currently rebuilt new ramps also.
Regards, W.