10 Juni 2011

Italian Nationals cancelled!

Sounds like Davis "Mr OzReport" is unlucky on his Euro trip with the weather - the Alpen Open already ended with only a mere 56-point-task (congrats to Roland and Suan anyway for winning that one), and now the Italian Nationals in Feltre have been completely cancelled as they had rain and storms every single day!
I had to grab this cool pic with Jörg, Stefan and Konrad trying to send the bad weather away and to warn pilots not to come there... at least the humour did not drown ;) I had planned on going there too, but instead my work schedule didn´t allow me to. I can´t wait to get to Australian temperatures of 45 celsius which is the prediction for my work flight to Kuwait. I will meet Bashar Huneidi, and he can explain to me how he got the crazy idea to become the national skiing champion of Kuwait and to participate in the Olympics...

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