09 Juni 2011

Everybody is someone´s Angel

This is one of photographer Nomi Baumgartl´s charity projects. I met her yesterday together with Florian Wagner, the photographer who took the great pics of Alex and me flying in the dolomites last year.
Nomi said, "It all began with a message from heaven, a single wing fell down in front of my feet in the snow, exempted, perfect. I exposed this wing in a magical winter sidelight that reminds of the great romanticists."
The wing was mirrored in the lab and turned into a pair of wings, an imaginary angel turned into a piece of a beautiful charity project:
"Everybody is someone´s Angel"
Everyone of us sometimes needs an angel, and also angels need angels, Nomi thinks, and I agree completely with her philosophy.
Talking with Florian and Nomi, our ideas went soaring and there will be some interesting projects on the way soon. It is very inspiring to meet such creative, sensitive and driven people who are so talented and love what they are doing!

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