03 Juni 2011

Hessische Awards tonight at 7pm

In a few hours we will celebrate the awards at Fliegercamp Greifenburg - new champion of Hessenmeisterschaft is Dieter Müglich, I won the women´s award. Today we didn´t fly, as there was a lot of rain and storms in the forecast, rain in the morning already, and it started pouring down about an hour ago and developed quickly into quite an impressive storm. There were a few reserve openings of paraglider pilots. I only saw one and raced to find the guy - luckily he had found the softest ground next to the church of Greifenburg and was quite happy to have me as a retrieve driver in the pouring rain. He was not hurt! I hope also the other guys who got into trouble managed to land safely...
Good safety decision of the comp director Manfred Vaupel. It is always difficult if you have these iffy days where it might or might not rain, overdevelop or get turbulent with high wind speeds. Manfred and Klaus Staubach (responsible for the paragliding part of the comp) managed 3 safe and good tasks, amongst them the record task of 175 km on the second day, with no injuries during the comp at all. I felt safe all the time and had fun flying with my friends, and I really hope we will see more pilots again next year!
I will post the photos from the award ceremony later tonight.

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