11 Mai 2010

2nd day of the worlds: Foehn, day cancelled for FAI 1 & 5

Today only the swifts flew a task - and Bob Baier came in just seconds after Austrian pilot Manfred Ruhmer, Steve Cox from Switzerland was in 3rd! We were at the glider airfield where the 10 competitors towed up with a trike and a dragonfly.
On Tegelberg take off we had tailwind for most of the day, because the Foehn is blowing in from the south and gives us very turbulent air around the mountains.
Tonight we have a team meeting and I am curious about Bob´s flying experience of today!
Ashanta got some new speedarms today - they are sold at headquarter, we made a new design together with Adidas. Around the upper arms and inside the lower arms there are specific patches to give us a much better grip on the uprights. I asked for this feature as it helps me as a small pilot immensely on take off if I have more control and not slippery fabric. Apart from that, I hope you like the colours and the design - with a hood that can be cut off if you prefer to have them without one. For sale until the end of the world championship here at Tegelberg.

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